Registration a sole-owner company "Trayan Novosseletz" with scope of business "Engineering in the furnishing industry". The company started business as an exporter of bent glued details and peeled veneer.


Delivery of the first machines for the furnishing industry. Beginning of cooperation with CASELLI for delivery of new and used machines.


Beginning of cooperation with SECAL and delivery of wood dryers. 25 wood dryers installed in Bulgaria.


Installation of the first for Bulgaria anthropomorphic robot CMA Robotics for spraying of chairs. Installed 16 robots in Bulgaria and 2 in Macedonia.


Installation of the first for Bulgaria machining center with 6 degrees of freedom P.BACCI for processing of voluminous and complex components for chairs. 23 machining centers installed in Bulgaria.


Installation of the first for Bulgaria automatic spraying line for components for chairs with water-based lacquers. For the first time were installed oscillating robots, cold walls for recuperation of varnish and guns with rotary cup for application.


Beginning of cooperation with CEFLA Finishing Group for machines and lines for surface processing. 5 installed automatic varnishing and drying lines and 4 automatic spraying machines.


Beginning of cooperation with COSTA Levigatrici for sanding machines.


Registration of TN Machines Ltd.with partners Eng. Yasen Yankov and Eng. Georgi Biolchev.


Certification under ISO 9001.


Active cooperation with Metal World, Costruzioni Nazzareno, OSAMA Technologies, Fisher – Ruckle, RS Wood, Italpresse, COMEC, Volpato, CMA Robotics, Viscat Fulgor, Columbus, Omga Tech, Centauro and other companies.